Zoom error 10004

Best Guide How to Fix Zoom Error 10004?

Zoom error 10004: The Zoom Program Software is a powerful application mostly used to host formal video conferences and online meetings. On October 12, 2001, Zoom was established as a company. The issue of “How to Fix Zoom Error Code 10004” was brought up by several users.

The Zoom error code is generated whenever the Zoom client software is installed on a personal computer (PC). If you want to find out how to fix the Zoom error code 10004, keep reading the post until you get to the conclusion. Zoom Error Code 10004, Zoom Install Error Code 10004 Ventura.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a communication program hosted in the cloud and enables users to participate in virtual video and audio conferences, live conversations, and screen-sharing. The company Zoom video communication is responsible for developing the software package known as Zoom. Zoom was developed by Eric Yuan and was made accessible to the public on October 12, 2011, exactly 11 years ago.

It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS and is now translated into 15 different languages. Zoom is a video conferencing software that may be used online for various purposes, including live conversations and video conference sessions.

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What Does Zoom Update Error 10004 Mean?

Problems updating the Zoom client are due to the error number 10004 for the Zoom update. When users participate in Zoom calls, the issue pops up, making it impossible for them to attend Zoom meetings. The Zoom client is experiencing problems connecting with the Zoom servers, which is the cause of this issue.

Zoom error 10004
Zoom error 10004

The problem can manifest across various operating systems, including Windows and macOS. The following are some of the potential causes of the error:

Failure of the Zoom client to update automatically

Zoom may provide an error if it cannot upgrade to the most recent version.

Problems with the network connection 

Several factors, including network congestion, a weak network connection, or both, may bring on Zoom errors.

Application from a third party running on your device

 Applications on your device, such as antivirus software, have the potential to disrupt the connection between the Zoom client and Zoom’s servers.

Zoom server difficulties

 This error could appear if the Zoom servers are currently unavailable or undergoing maintenance. It has the potential to render the platform unreachable.

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What Can I Do to Fix the Zoom Error Code 10004?

The Zoom error code is generated when the Zoom client installed on the computer cannot automatically update or fix common faults.

Restart Your router

To begin, rebooting your networking equipment and router can fix various intermittent problems, one of which is the loss of WiFi connectivity. Additionally, an ethernet cable is recommended to be run from the router to your personal computer, as this will ensure that your computer has an active internet connection. It connects with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the company that grants users and businesses access to the internet.

Zoom error 10004
Zoom error 10004

Disable Antivirus

Second, we will sometimes check to see whether the antivirus software has been disabled; it is an aggressive third-party antivirus system that prevents a certain program from accessing the internet or hardware that the application requires. It makes an effort to deactivate the antivirus to check if or not Zoom will operate as normal, and if it does, it will be preferable to add some expectations to the software.

Perform updates manually on Zoom.

Third, the issue may be remedied by upgrading the zoom client manually to the most recent version. You can get it by going to the download center on the zoom website using your computer and checking to see if an update is available on the Google Play store.

Install the program again.

Attempt to reinstall the app by downloading it again from the relevant app store. Reinstalling applications might provide them with a new beginning and resolve any problems they may be experiencing.

Reach out to the Zoom support team.

In the end, if none of the other solutions work, contact Zoom support and ask them to repair the problems.

  • The computer operating system that you are making use of
  • Where were you, and what were you doing when you got this error
  • You will need the meeting ID if you are already in a meeting or are attempting to join or create a meeting.

Zoom is Unable to Install Updates 10004

The Zoom client may have update problems, which is the cause of the Zoom error 10004 that you may get. Because of this problem, users have difficulty accessing Zoom meetings, and zoom clients have trouble connecting with zoom servers.

The error happens when users are on Zoom calls. Zoom error 10004 during the installation of the Zoom app might be caused by any number of things. The zoom client may be prohibited from connecting to servers. It enables the zoom function to function properly while being blocked by the Windows firewall.


The Zoom error 10004 on Zoom is associated with a failed update on Mac OS, but it may also be caused by other problems if the update is not the source of the issue. Additionally, we have discussed the possible alternative outcomes. We hope that our tutorial was useful to you in resolving the problem Zoom error 10004 code you were experiencing with Zoom and that you were subsequently able to rejoin your meeting.

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How do I fix the error code in Zoom?

1. Get in touch with your network administrator so they may examine your proxy and firewall settings.
2. If you are having connectivity issues with the Internet, try disabling any antivirus software you may be using.
3. You should inquire with your ISP about the availability of the Zoom service before attempting to use it.

Why is Zoom unable to install updates?

If Zoom cannot be updated, it must be uninstalled and reinstalled from the Download Center. If the update is unsuccessful, you will first need to remove the Zoom app using the uninstall tool, and then you will need to reinstall it using the same tool.

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