Sharex authentication error

Best Way to Fix Sharex Authentication Error

Sharex authentication error: Recording what’s happening on your screen may be a vital component of your workflow, particularly if you’re documenting anything or developing a lesson. Additionally, there is a multitude of free screen recording tools that can be downloaded, most of which are very capable. In this piece, we will discuss ShareX, or more precisely, the ShareX authentication error, its causes, and the solutions available to you to resolve the issue.

Why Do ShareX Authentication Errors Occur?

Users may experience a failure in the ShareX authentication process when attempting to register themselves on a ShareX application. When this problem occurs, the application will not let users log in until it has first validated the users’ credentials. Currently, this problem may be traced back to a technical fault that occurred inside the authentication service of ShareX.

Consequently, a message stating that there was an authentication problem appears on the screen when people attempt to log in. The true reasons for the failed Authentication with ShareX are broken down into the following points:

1. Error with Internet Connection

The authentication procedure could get corrupted if the quality of your internet connection is low.

2. Technical Error in ShareX

The Sharex authentication error notification might appear on your screen if the program installation was performed with any incorrect permissions. If the ShareX application is out of the current, it will be missing some essential elements for the authentication process. It also has the perks associated with administrative work.

3. Incorrect Login Information Or Account Information

If users of ShareX submit an incorrect username or password, the authentication process will not be successful. As a result, you can come across the login error warning.

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How Can You Fix The ShareX Authentication Error?

The best solutions to the ShareX authentication problem are shown below.

Sharex authentication error
Sharex authentication error

1. You May Use a Reliable Email ID

Therefore, you must confirm that your email ID is connected to your ShareX account and is genuine before attempting any repairs. You may take the following actions if you don’t have a working email ID:

  • Visit the ShareX website first.
  • Select the “My Account” tab now.
  • “Edit Profile” is the option to choose.
  • Before saving the changes, you must enter your new, valid email address.

You may choose a different mending technique if your email ID is genuine and connected to ShareX.

2. Verify the Speed of Your Internet Connection

The authentication procedure might be interfered with by a bad internet connection. To successfully log into your ShareX account, you must have a reliable internet connection.

3. Update ShareX to the most recent version.

The authentication issue warning will appear on the screen if ShareX has been used for a while without an update. You should visit the ShareX website and download the most recent version. Installing the most current version of ShareX will resolve all of its issues. This technique may also be used to determine the authentication error problem.

4. Frequently Delete The Browser Cache

Users could often overlook this approach, yet it has a lot of problems it can fix. Your internet browser’s cache may be frequently cleared to resolve ShareX’s login problem notification.

Sharex authentication error
Sharex authentication error
  • Open a web browser.
  • Select the More option by clicking the 3-dot symbol.
  • Pick Additional Tools.
  • The option Clear browsing data page.
  • Now choose the All time option if you want to delete everything.
  • Navigate to the options that are labeled “Cookies and other site data” and “Cache images and files.”
  • Mark those checkboxes.
  • Pick the option for Clear Data.

5. Restart your router.

It would be best if you switched off your router for a while before restarting it. Then switch it back on. This can fix the problem of ShareX authentication failing. This may also resolve your internet problems.

6. Log out of the target service and then log back in.

You may get an authentication failure notice if you have used outdated or invalid credentials for the target service. Therefore, log out and re-login using the correct credentials to the target service. The Destination Options tab is where you can find the appropriate settings.

7. Upgrade ShareX

If you have the most recent version of ShareX installed on your device but still have an authentication problem, you should uninstall and reinstall it. This will resolve the authentication error problem.

8. Uninstall the Windows Firewall and Virus Protection Program

The Windows firewall and antivirus programs can interfere with ShareX’s authentication procedure. Therefore, you must turn them off if you get a ShareX authentication failure.

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Why does it keep saying Authentication failed?

On ShareX, several different things might have caused a failed authentication. The following are the reasons why:

  • Internet connection error difficulties
  • Improper login credentials or account data
  • ShareX’s technological problems continue.

How To Avoid Future ShareX Authentication Errors

You know you can’t allow this mistake to keep happening, right? You may take simple precautions to avoid it from happening again.

1. Regularly update your antivirus software

Always use the most recent version of the definitions and fixes available for the security software. Because of this, harmful actions on your machine will be stopped.

2. Make Use Of The Most Recent Browser Add-Ons

Regular updates should be applied to the browser extensions. The functionality of every application and piece of software will be improved.

3. Restrictions on Access

Always enable limited access control settings to be in place so unwanted access can’t be gained.


ShareX is a well-known tool that is used by thousands of customers of the Windows operating system. ShareX is not immune to bugs in the same way that other applications and software are. The solutions that I have outlined above will be of assistance to you in fixing the ShareX authentication problem. Give them a try.

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