Zen bootloader error 3002

How to Resolve Zen Bootloader Error 3002?

The Zen bootloader error 3002 relates to the numerical value of the problem, and it is one of the solutions that have been utilized to identify the mistake. This code will save information on the error, the most likely cause of the issue, and the activity that led to such an error occurring in the first place. The number will be able to address the problem in the standard code format used by Windows and the driver suppliers.

What is Zen Bootloader Error 3002?

The vendor has used this Zen bootloader error 3002 code to identify the error tool location. It comprises the hexadecimal number and the technical explanation that goes along with it. It has been observed that the error could gain extra parameters in the hexadecimal format. These parameters reveal the position in memory where the instruction is being loaded at the moment of the mistake. This phenomenon has been seen in some circumstances.

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How Do I Fix the Zen Bootloader Error 3002?

It is vital to understand each stage in the process of troubleshooting the cause of the issue and preventing it from happening again to correct the error that happens at the runtime due to several different circumstances.

Zen Bootloader Error 3002
Zen Bootloader Error 3002

Unless you have been actively acquiring expert knowledge of PC servicing, it has been determined that manually altering the Window registration to fix the mistake is not a viable solution.

This conclusion was reached after careful consideration. When the registry is edited erroneously, it will prevent the system from running correctly and may even cause harm to the operating system that cannot be undone.

It has been shown that a single comma not in the correct location would prevent the operating system from fully starting.

Problem 3002, which occurred while the program was running, will be discussed in this post, along with two important solutions that may be used to rectify the situation. To solve the problem, all you have to do is carefully follow the step that has been outlined for you below:

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  • · To begin, you must boot up the machine and sign in using your administrator credentials.
  • · After you have successfully signed in, you will need to click the “Start” button, then go to the “All Programs->Accessories->System Tools” menu option, and then choose the “System Restore” button.
  • · You will now be presented with a new window; in this window, choose the option labeled “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and click the Next button.
  • · You are required to choose the system restore point that occurs the most often by using the “On this list, hit it off a restore point” list, and all that is required of you after that is to click the Next Button.
  • · It is necessary to click “next” on the windows, enabling the confirmation to take place now.
  • · You will need to restart the system after the process of restoration has been finished. Only then will the configuration modification take effect effectively.

It’s probable that Zen does not currently support the input device or that the firmware has a driver fault if your mouse or keyboard consistently generates an E3XXX error when connected to the device. It is also possible for it to occur while utilizing a tainted script or GamePack.

How do I fix the Zen Bootloader Error 3002
How do I fix the Zen Bootloader Error 3002?

If you experience this issue, we ask that you report it to the community and bring it to the attention of a support team member so that we can explore it further. Suppose it continues to display an E3 error even without any input devices being connected or any scripts or GamePacks being used. In that case, you shouldn’t waste more of your time trying to fix it because the Zen has unfortunately developed a fault and needs to be sent back to the manufacturer to fix or replace it.

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Error 3002 Symptoms

The following is a list of some of the symptoms that you need to be aware of for Error 3002:

  • · The software fails after an error with code 3002 displays in the current window.
  • · If you have been using a similar application on the machine, it will likewise malfunction with the same issue number.
  • · Error 3002 will be shown as a message on the screen at some point.
  • · The input received from either the mouse or the keyboard point will cause the window to reply slowly.
  • · Your computer will occasionally become unresponsive for a brief period at random intervals.

While installing the application, this kind of message is shown. On the other hand, the application that is affiliated with Microsoft Corporation runs in the background regardless of whether Windows is starting up or shutting down.

When trying to figure out how to fix an issue, one of the most important pieces of information to keep track of is the date and time when the mistake occurred, as well as the location.

Even if the procedure is not very challenging, the most important step is remembering where and when Error 3002 occurred so that you may troubleshoot it and get closer to finding a solution to this problem.

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Reasons Why You May Have Received Error 3002

Error 3002 occurred for several different causes for a variety of different reasons. Some of the factors contributing to this situation are as follows:

  • · If you downloaded a corrupt window or an incomplete installation of the Microsoft Access software, this might be the problem.
  • · Corruption in the Windows registry has occurred due to the many program changes made to Micro Access, such as installing or uninstalling.
  • · Any information that is malicious software or a virus will cause the file that is associated with Windows or Microsoft Access to become damaged.
  • · Another application purposefully or accidentally erased data tied to Microsoft Access.


That wraps up everything, and as you may already be aware, the Zen bootloader error 3002 can appear for no apparent reason, and there are several potential causes for you to be experiencing it. Zen bootloader error 3002 may be fixed using any of the solutions listed above; thus, consider these your best options.

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