Youtube your offline problem

Youtube Your Offline Problem Completely Fixed

Youtube Your Offline Problem: When you attempt to watch a video on YouTube, the website forces you to sign out so that it may check for connection difficulties. This has been cited as one of the most significant issues people have complained about online. The fact that the vast majority of them have YouTube set up to display this message publicly is the single most upsetting aspect.

Some individuals who claim to have encountered this issue did so regardless of whether or not they were connected to the internet via mobile data or wifi. “You are not currently online. It is an issue everywhere. “Check your internet connection.” Check to see if there is an issue with your connection if you are having trouble adjusting to the fact that you are offline. You are at the proper location at this time.

When you attempt to play a video on YouTube, you receive a message that says, “you are offline, check your internet connection.” In this post, you will understand why this message appears every time you try to play one of your videos on YouTube.

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Examine your Internet Connection to See Whether It Is Stable.

Even though a great number of issues might prevent you from viewing a video on YouTube, the most probable problem is the one that is the simplest to fix Youtube Your Offline Problem: Do you have a stable internet connection? Check the status symbols at the top of your mobile device’s screen to determine whether you are connected to the internet through cellular data or wifi.

Youtube your offline problem
Youtube your offline problem

If unsure, use the Settings app on your phone, switch off the wifi, and then turn it back on. Using another application that needs an online connection is a foolproof method for determining whether or not you have access to the internet. You may check to see if you can start watching a movie in the Netflix app, or you can check to see if you can send and receive emails. Both of these examples are possibilities.

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See if YouTube Isn’t Working. OR Youtube Your Offline Problem

YouTube is a video streaming service that is reliable to a certain extent. However, the website does experience periodic outages. Before you spend your time attempting other troubleshooting solutions, check whether the service is down first, especially if you are confident in the reliability of your internet connection. The quickest and simplest method to check is to go to the status page for YouTube on DownDetector. You can also search Google for “Is YouTube down” to get the same result (DownDetector is typically at the top of the search results). If the website is now unavailable, please try accessing it at a later time.

Close And Then Restart the YouTube App

It’s conceivable that the YouTube app on your mobile device is acting strangely if you’re attempting to view YouTube on that device. What is the cure? Learn how to force an app to shut and then restart it, as well as how to close an app on Android and how to close an app on iOS, in the following paragraphs.

why does youtube say your offline
Youtube your offline problem

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If you were attempting to view YouTube on a smart TV or streaming media player, you may also shut the app and restart it on such devices; however, the specific steps you need to do will change depending on the kind of device you have. If you are having trouble watching videos on YouTube on your computer while using a web browser, you may try quitting the browser and starting it up again, but a much more effective technique is opening a new browser.

Try it out somewhere else If Youtube Your Offline Problem

If a wide variety of factors might have caused the issue, testing it on a different device is one of the most effective methods to diagnose and fix it. If you are experiencing a problem viewing YouTube on your phone, check to see if the issue occurs while using a tablet, a Roku player, or the browser on your laptop. You might try launching YouTube in a different browser if you are currently using a computer and do not have convenient access to any other devices.

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Clear the app cache on your smartphone.

Suppose YouTube won’t operate correctly on your phone or tablet, but it works perfectly elsewhere. In that case, the issue can be with the program itself or the cache that it utilizes. If you’re using an iPhone, there is no method to clear YouTube’s cache other than removing the program, so go ahead and do that.

Once you’ve removed YouTube from your iPhone, go to the App Store to download it again. It will be simpler for you if you are using an Android-based mobile device or tablet. The sequence of steps may differ somewhat based on the version of Android that you are using, but the following is the standard operating procedure:

  • Launch the app for configuring settings.
  • Select Apps & Notifications from the menu.
  • Navigate to the list of applications (you may have to touch the See all apps button first), then choose YouTube.
  • Select the Storage and cache option.
  • Select the Clear cache option.

Examine the speed of your internet connection to ensure that it is enough.

There are situations when the issue is not that the application will not start or that nothing at all works. Your internet connection isn’t fast enough if the video you’re trying to watch stutters and lags or if the audio is out of sync. To determine how fast your connection is, check the results of an internet speed test such as the one offered by Google.

You may carry out these steps on any device, including a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. According to YouTube, your connection has to be at least 1.1Mbps for a standard-definition 480p video; however, the quicker your relationship, the better. A high-resolution 1080p movie would need at least 5Mbps of bandwidth.


Are you facing Youtube your offline problem and are not enjoying good youtube videos this youtube offline guide hope this is helpful for you. there are multiple reasons for youtube offline must read again.

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