The Toshiba Fire tv Remote Not Working.

The Toshiba Fire tv Remote Not Working. | How to Fix Best Guide

Toshiba Fire tv Remote Not Working: The ability to use the Toshiba Fire TV remote is the most aggravating problem imaginable, even though it is not the end of the world. Most of us like winding down at the end of a hard day by watching our favorite programs on television, but when the remote control doesn’t work properly, it can dampen our spirits, right?

This post will discuss various approaches that may be used to solve this problem properly.

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Isn’t Working

If the remote control for your Toshiba Fire TV is not functioning properly, remove the back panel, take out the batteries, and then press and hold the power button on the remote for half a minute. Try it with the batteries installed once again to see whether it works. Alternatively, you may repair the issue by doing a soft reset on your Fire TV remote. Similarly, if you use a universal remote or download the software that comes with the Toshiba Fire TV remote, you can get it to function.

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Even though the Toshiba Fire TV remotes are quite robust, any gadget can become inoperable sometimes. And some of the most common problems are signal blockage, weak batteries, electrical interference, and others. The following are some of the reasons behind this:

Wrong Pairing

When the remote control is not properly linked to the television, it will not react to your commands.

Complications with the battery

It is widely believed that this is the main cause of most incidents. Your Toshiba Fire TV remote is not operating properly because the batteries are being hampered from performing at their optimum level. This might be due to improper insertion of the batteries, an insufficient charge on the batteries, or another problem.


Instead of using an infrared beam, the remote for your Toshiba Fire TV uses a Bluetooth connection. Although the Bluetooth connection has a theoretical range of 30 feet, it has a far more limited range in practice. Reduce the distance between you and your television so you can more easily operate the remote.

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Toshiba Fire tv Remote Not Working
Toshiba Fire tv Remote Not Working


If the remote you purchased as a replacement is incompatible with the Toshiba Fire TV, you will be out of luck trying to use it.


The remote control may stop functioning correctly if it sustains either internal damage from a malfunctioning component or exterior damage from water.


Any electronic equipment that can disrupt Bluetooth connection will also interfere with the operation of your Toshiba Fire TV remote, preventing it from functioning correctly.


There is no need for a clear line of sight between the remote and the Toshiba Fire TV. On the other hand, the range will be drastically reduced if there is any barrier.

Ways To Fix The Toshiba Fire tv Remote Not Working.

The steps below will come to your aid each time you find yourself in this tricky predicament.

Remote power-cycle

This approach will be effective at least 50% of the time. By restoring the devices’ functionality and network connection, doing a power cycle may enhance the streaming circumstances.

Missing batteries

Take out the batteries from your remote to restart it. To drain the remaining power, press and hold the power button for a minute. The remote still has some power stored in capacitors even after the batteries are dead; however, these capacitors won’t reset until all the power has been used. Afterward, hold down each button for a few seconds. Sometimes, one or more buttons get stuck, making it difficult for other buttons to function. So, operate it by pressing the buttons or slapping it on your hand. Try using the remote again after changing the batteries.

Ways To Fix The Toshiba Fire tv Remote Not Working.
A man fix Toshiba Fire tv Remote Not Working

Using batteries

Press and hold down the power button for a minute with the batteries in if the Toshiba Fire TV remote is still not responding. This ought should fix the problem.

Pair the remote again.

It’s conceivable that you unpaired your remote control from the TV. Your remote will determine how to repair it. A pairing button will be on the back of the remote control if your TV is the upgraded Toshiba Fire model. To see it, remove the battery cover. The button is often smaller than the other buttons on the remote control and is found on the bottom of the device, below the batteries. It might not be easy to see since it generally has the same color as the remote.

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After 15 seconds, press and hold the pairing button until it reconnects again. Press and hold the home button for 30 seconds while pointing the device towards the TV if there isn’t a pairing button. Your next step is to simultaneously press and hold the back, left, and menu buttons if that option doesn’t work. The remote will start flashing after 30 seconds.

If it doesn’t, stop and repeat the procedure until the blinking happens. If blinking does not begin, the pairing has not been successful. But don’t go overboard. Give up temporarily after three tries to avoid harming the remote any further. Attempt once again in roughly 30 minutes. Do not use the remote if it is flashing for more than 30 seconds. The device’s Bluetooth connection with the TV should be restored.

If none helps, simultaneously press and hold the left, menu, and back buttons for 30 seconds.

Reinstall TV firmware

Update the firmware on your TV. An important contributing factor to the problem under consideration is often an outdated firmware version that limits the TV’s performance.

Verify the functionality of the remote’s IR sensor.

The TV and remote use an infrared beam to transmit and receive signals. A broken remote control beam is a sign that the remote is broken. Using the phone camera, the user may check if the remote’s IR sensor is active:

  • View the remote via your phone’s camera screen by opening the app.
  • On the remote, press a button or a few buttons.
  • With each button push on a functional remote, a flashing red light will be shown on the camera screen.
  • If there is no red light, your remote is broken, or the batteries are dead.

To check the status of your remote, follow these simple instructions.

Take Away Any Obstructions That Are in The Path of The IR Sensor.

Another typical reason why the Toshiba Fire TV remote could not function is if anything is blocking the path between the TV and the remote. The TV and the remote control use infrared technology; the TV is equipped with an IR sensor. As a result, there shouldn’t be any impediments to the beam’s transmission or reception while it moves between the two devices. In other words, there should not be any physical barrier between the remote control and the television that might disrupt the connection between the two devices.

Other electrical signals, such as Bluetooth or walls, as well as large items, such as speakers or furniture, might act as obstructions. If your Toshiba TV and its remote are having trouble communicating, try moving to a new place or pointing the remote toward the sensor on the TV. Moving the furniture or switching seats is often required to address the issue quickly and painlessly.


To summarize, here is a list of the key remedies to try if your Toshiba Fire TV remote is not working:

  • Reconnect the remote to the Toshiba Fire TV.
  • Power cycle the remote, both with and without batteries.
  • Restart the Toshiba Fire TV.
  • Replace the remote’s batteries.
  • Use the Amazon Fire TV app as a temporary substitute for the remote.
  • Check to determine whether the remote’s IR sensor is operational.
  • Remove any obstacles obstructing IR signals from the remote to the TV.

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