Tiktok keeps crashing

Why TikTok Keeps Crashing 5 Best Step to Fix

TikTok keeps crashing: More than one billion individuals across the globe use the TikTok app on various mobile devices, including iPhones, Androids, and several other options.

Apple has just released its latest update for iOS 16, and many iPhone users of TikTok have begun reporting a glitch that causes their version of TikTok keeps crashing each time they try to activate it. After installing iOS 16, there may be a problem with TikTok that we will discuss in this post, along with potential solutions to the problem.

Tiktok Keeps Crashing ios 16

After updating to iOS 16, TikTok on iPhones has been experiencing a fault or issue that causes the app to crash. Nevertheless, there has been no official notification about the reason for this bug or issue. But, it has been hypothesized that this most recent upgrade is incompatible with TikTok, so the company may have to make some modifications.

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Another notion circulating among internet users is that it is a worldwide outage due to a server crashing, overloading, or experiencing a fault while it is being maintained. Nonetheless, let us have a look at all of the probable adjustments that are listed below. Remember that these are just guesses and might be proven incorrect once the official announcement is made.

Update Your Software

Even if you just downloaded the updates, it’s possible that Apple released further updates after it was already installed on your device. Because it rolls out fresh updates regularly, please follow the instructions outlined below to update your iPhone’s firmware.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, pick “General” from the menu, and then choose “Software Update” from the submenu that appears.

Upgrade the TikTok App

If a software update does not cause the problem, it is likely caused by an upgrade to an application. It is common knowledge that when a program is allowed to get obsolete, it begins to experience various problems, including bugs. Instead of immediately resorting to more extreme measures, it is recommended that you first try updating the application on your device that is creating the problem.

Tiktok keeps crashing
Tiktok keeps crashing
  • Search for “TikTok” in your device’s app store, and if an update is available, you will see the opportunity to upgrade. Just tap on it to get the TikTok app up to date.

Offload the TikTok

Offload is a one-of-a-kind feature that enables you to maintain your data even after uninstalling the program; the following steps will walk you through the process of offloading TikTok:

  • Launch the Settings app, pick “General” from the menu, then scroll down until you find “iPhone Storage” and tap it.
  • After scrolling down the screen and selecting the TikTok app, you will be brought to the information page for that app.
  • You should notice an “Offload App” button here; click on it and confirm the offload.
  • Wait a few seconds, and a new choice will appear in the place of offload. To reinstall your program, choose the new option when it appears instead of offload.

If none of these solutions works for you, your only option is to hold off until Apple or TikTok makes an official statement and releases an update to their respective software until then.

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Why Does TikTok Keeps Crashing

If the TikTok app on your smartphone is consistently crashing, one of the first steps you may take is to restart the application. Your device may be experiencing a momentary bug or glitch, causing programs to malfunction or crash for no apparent reason. You may restart TikTok on Android and iOS devices by going into the program switcher on your smartphone.

How Do You Update TikTok on Your iPhone?

  • Launch the App Store on the iPhone you’re using.
  • To access your account, tap the symbol at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down in the “Available Updates” area to see the applications with updates waiting to be installed. You should look for TikTok, and if you find it in the list, you should hit the Update button.

Why Does TikTok Keep Closing Out

If you use the TikTok app on your smartphone, you can see a warning stating, “Sorry, the app has stopped.” If this happens, it indicates that your device is experiencing technical trouble or the app you installed on your smartphone has a flaw.

Tiktok keeps crashing
Tiktok keeps crashing

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The following is a list of some of the potential reasons behind your TikTok crashing:

  • Your TikTok has become outdated.
  • A significant number of files have been cached on your device.
  • Your machine has a Memory that is lower than 3 gigabytes.
  • Several applications are now active at the same time.
  • Your application is plagued with errors.

How to Fix TikTok Keeps Crashing

Crashing on TikTok is a nightmare, particularly if you have a large following. We’ll assist you in diagnosing any difficulties with the app and teaching you how to resolve them. Avoid dealing with a sluggish and jerky TikTok app as well. Several of these patches assist in resolving such difficulties. Related article: Spectrum Internet Is Not Working

Restart Your Computer

Files in the app cache might get corrupted at times. Restarting the device deletes the temporary cache, which may fix the TikTok issues. Hold your smartphone’s or tablet’s power button and hit the ‘Shut Down’ button.

Examine Your Wireless Connectivity

TikTok is a video platform with a strong internet connection to function properly. Without an internet connection, TikTok videos and posts will not load. Check the WiFi signal on your device to check whether it is weak. If you’re linked to a poor WiFi connection, look for a stronger one. If your WiFi signal at home does not reach the whole house, you may need to update to a mesh router.

Examine the TikTok App for Updates

TikTok may release many updates in a single day. TikTok’s most current version requires videos and posts to load properly. Check the Google Play Store or the App Store for any updates. Install any available TikTok updates and check whether the TikTok app continues to crash.

Examine the TikTok Server Status

Have you tested your WiFi and reset your smartphone, yet TikTok problems persist? Check to check whether the app’s servers are having problems. TikTok offers a status page that notifies users of any problems. You may also check the official TikTok Twitter account, which posts when the service is down.

Delete Your Cache

To avoid TikTok crashes, you may need to erase the whole app cache. You may clear your phone’s storage and reinstall the app. Your account will not be deleted, but you must sign in again.

TikTok Keeps Crashing Android

The fact that the TikTok app on your phone has a bug is one of the reasons why it often crashes. You may force the app to shut and then open it again if restarting it does not solve the problem. Take note that this feature is exclusive to the Android operating system.

TikTok Keeps Crashing When I Open It.

If the TikTok app on your smartphone is consistently crashing, one of the first steps you may take is to restart the application. Your device may be experiencing a momentary bug or glitch, causing programs to malfunction or crash for no apparent reason. You may restart TikTok on Android and iOS devices by going into the program switcher on your smartphone.


TikTok keeps crashing problem is very common if you are using TikTok but how to fix Tiktok keeps crashing critical issue is more complicated so for all TikTok user we are create entire content around this issue hope this very helpful to fix TikTok keeps crashing if helpful then you should sare with others.

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