Nintendo switches black screen

Nintendo Switches Black screen. Best Guide to Fix Them

Nintendo switches black screen: Players worldwide like the Nintendo Switch because of its versatility as a gaming device. However, this does not negate the fact that the gadget has several drawbacks and problems. Completely black screens are a regular issue. What exactly is the deal?

On the Nintendo Switch, a dead battery or a broken screen might be the root of the problem if you see nothing but black on the screen. If none of these solutions work, you may try charging your console, checking for damage on the screen, ports, or AC adapter, or even doing a manual “hard reset” if none of the previous alternatives have been successful.

If your console’s screen suddenly goes dark, you shouldn’t freak out. A little amount of charging could be all needed to remedy this problem. We have assembled all you need to know and the remedies that are accessible to fix a black screen on a Nintendo Switch.

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Why Is The Screen on Your Nintendo Switch Black And Won’t Go Away?

A few primary causes might cause a Nintendo Switch to become unresponsive or display a blank screen.

Battery drained

If the screen on your Nintendo Switch is black, the problem may be caused by a completely dead or almost dead battery. You may need to charge your console if the battery indicator flashes on for a moment before going away.

Nintendo switches black screen
Nintendo switches black screen

Screen Damage

You may see visual defects resulting from damage to the screen, just as you would on a smartphone or laptop. Your monitor may be broken if, for instance, you can hear noises and the battery is fully charged but the screen is completely dark. This is the most probable scenario. If you have just dropped your Nintendo Switches black screen, or if the screen already has a few fractures.

A faulty dock or an ac adapter

A faulty Dock or AC adapter is another potential source of black displays and other visual issues. There have been isolated reports of bugs caused by docks and chargers sold by third-party manufacturers.

Internal Damage

The damaged internal components of your Nintendo Switch might also cause errors and black displays. Electrical components that are failing may create problems and may need to be replaced if they do. If you dropped your console, the central processing unit (CPU) may have been dislodged, which would have caused serious issues.

Software Complications

In very rare instances, problems with the software, known as bugs, might lead to black screens and errors. There have also been reports of Nintendo Switch failures being caused by files that have been corrupted and outdated fixes.

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What Can You Do If the Screen on Your Nintendo Switch Is Black?

Please refer to the following troubleshooting methods: If the display on your Nintendo Switch is dark, it may not be responsive or refuse to start up.

Screen on Your Nintendo Switch Is Black
Nintendo switches black screen

Reboot the System Console.

Restarting the device is always the first step in diagnosing and fixing any problem. Restarting the device may give your console a clean start and fix any fundamental problems it may be having.

The following are the steps:

Maintain your pressure on the power button of your Nintendo switches black screen for around three to five seconds.

  • After that, click Power Options, and then pick the option to Restart.
  • If for any reason, your console is not responding in any way, you may force the device to shut down by pressing and holding the power button for a full minute. After that, you must activate the console by pressing “Power.”
  • Let’s say that this resolved the difficulties you were having with your performance; in that case, congrats! If you still see black displays, proceed with the procedures listed below.

Examine the Adapter for AC Current.

It’s possible that checking the AC adapter and restarting it will fix the black displays and issues. To get started, please proceed in the following manner.

  • Remove the AC adapter’s connector from the console and the power socket. Please give it a rest for at least a minute.
  • During this time, you must ensure you power your Nintendo console using the proper AC adapter (model No. HAC-002).
  • Examine the cord of the AC adapter for any signs of damage, such as cuts, kinks, or fraying. If your AC adapter has sustained substantial damage, you may need a new one.
  • After waiting at least half a minute, you should reattach the AC adapter to your Nintendo Switch and plug it back into the wall.
  • If the home screen is blank or there is a charging indicator, the console has to be allowed to charge for 15 to 20 minutes. From there, check that your console is running the most recent software update.

If your Nintendo Switch does not display any power or charge indication, you must conduct a hard reset by pressing and holding the Power Button for 12 seconds. Then hit it again to reboot the console. Continue with the remedies listed below if you still have problems.

Perform a factory reset on the Nintendo switches black screen.

A black screen on your Nintendo Switch may be resolved by performing a hard reset. Be aware that implementing this solution will delete all data except any saved data, screenshots, videos, and personal information. To get started, follow the instructions down below.

  • After performing the procedures above, you should power down your Nintendo switches black screen immediately.
  • After that, simultaneously depress the (+) and (-) buttons located on the volume control (-). To activate the Switch, press the button labeled “Power.”
  • To boot your Nintendo Switch into recovery mode, simultaneously hold down the Volume up and Volume Down buttons.
  • Choose “Factory Setting Without Deleting Save Data” from the screen that appears when you enter recovery mode.

This procedure will take some time, but it should assist in fixing any difficulties that have been encountered. Your game saves, screenshots and videos will all be unaffected, so there is not much cause for concern in this regard.

Nintendo Switches Black a screen.
Nintendo switches black screen

Update Your Switch 

Software problems and out-of-date updates may sometimes result in black displays and malfunctions. As a result, the best action is to check that your Nintendo Switch is up to date and running the most recent patch. This will guarantee that there are no errors or problems with the System.

The following is the procedure for updating your Nintendo Switch:

  • Choose System Settings from the menu located on the Home tab.
  • The option for the System Settings ought should display.
  • Select System when you get there by scrolling down the menu on the left.
  • Choose System Update from the menu that appears on the right.

If a patch is available, your Nintendo Switch should upgrade itself automatically. If there are any prompts, you should follow them.

Examine the Data for Errors

Game files can sometimes get corrupted, which may cause performance difficulties and make gaming sluggish. By following the methods below, you will be able to determine whether or not your Nintendo switches black screen contains any files that have been corrupted:

  • Select System Settings from the screen that displays the Home menu.
  • Scroll down using the left column, and then choose Data Management.
  • Choose Manage Software from the submenu that may be found on the right side of the same menu.
  • Find the game that gives you the most trouble and focus on it.
  • In the end, choose the option to Check for Corrupt Data.

Your Console Can Be Docked or Undocked

You may try docking or undocking the console if you are having issues with a black screen appearing on the screen. Please connect your device if you use the Nintendo Switch in portable mode. If the console is docked and you are connected to the television, try undocking it. This will cause the majority of what is happening behind the scenes to be disrupted, providing your Switch with an opportunity to reset and return to its usual state.

Examine the Backlight to See If It Is Defective

If your Nintendo Switch switches on and the sound is working, but the screen remains dark, the problem is most likely with the backlight.

Here is how to determine whether or not your backlight is functioning properly:

  • First things first, check to see whether your Nintendo switch is turned on. It would be preferable if you could hear the sounds. If it isn’t already on, you should try turning it on by pressing the power button, but you can’t be quite certain it’s turned on.
  • The next step is to shine a spotlight on the display of your Nintendo switch.
  • If the backlight is still operational, the only thing that should be seen on the screen is the reflection of the flashlight.
  • If, on the other hand, dim pictures appear on the screen of the Switch when you direct the flashlight at it, this indicates that the backlight is not functioning properly.

On the other hand, the whole display may have been broken due to a fall or an outburst of wrath.


The Nintendo Switch’s “black screen of death” is a power-off issue that manifests as the console powering on but displaying nothing when it does so. Many people think that the currently installed firmware version (5.0.2) is overly responsible, while others believe that the issue is due to the hardware. A few people have pointed the finger at third-party docks, although this hypothesis has not been verified.

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