How To Sync Photos on TikTok

How To Sync Photos on TikTok | Best 9-Step Sync Photos-2022

The TikTok app allows you to select up to 35 photographs for your movie, each of which may be synchronized with a different piece of music or sound effect of your choosing. The editing tools included in the TikTok app get a lot of special attention and development from the company. Using the Sync function, it is possible to create engaging and entertaining content for TikTok without downloading any other applications. In this article, we will discuss how to sync photos on TikTok

How Can TikTok Photos’ Duration Be Edited?

Follow These Steps To Edit The Length Of Your Photos On TikTok and Sync Photos on TikTok:

Step 1: Download and install the TikTok app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Locate the plus sign in the middle of your screen and click on it.

Step 3: Select the pictures you want to upload from your gallery by clicking on the icon that says “Upload”

Step 4: After picking the images, click the Next option.

Step 5: To add an appropriate sound, select the More option in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Step 6: Once you have chosen your sound, tap the checkmark button.

Step 7: You’ll find the Adjust Clip menu at the bottom of your screen. Choose that link.

Step 8: At the bottom left of your screen, you will see an option labeled “Auto-Sync.” Click on that option.

Step 9: After your photographs have been automatically synced, choose the Done option from the menu.

This effect will automatically sync photos to music TikTok and choose the optimal duration for the photos based on the beat.

After doing so, you can upload your video to TikTok by selecting the Next option and then the Post button. If you are unhappy with the app’s results, you are free to edit the length of your photos with any other app that the developer does not develop.

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Why Can’t Photos Sync On TikTok?

Make video on tiktok
Sync Photos on TikTok

It’s possible that you haven’t emptied the app’s cache in a while, which is why you’re encountering problems when you try to TikTok mixes photos with the music. If this is the case, try doing so now. Alternatively, you may want to consider updating the app. Check out the following potential solutions, and see if any of them work for you How To Sync Photos on TikTok:

Delete the app’s cached data.

Because of your continuous use of the app, you may have built an extra cache inside the program, creating problems when you try to use the Sync function of TikTok.

Restart the Program

The immediate problems arising with the app’s operation may be remedied by restarting the program. You only need to take TikTok sound sync editing on the background and give the app another go at starting up.

If you are having problems with the TikTok app, you should first attempt the steps outlined in this article.

Restart your device.

If you are using a large number of different programs in the background at the same time, you can experience some temporary issues and difficulties.

For an instant solution to the problems, you should ensure that all tabs are closed and then restart your device.

Save the video

If you attempt to save the movie on your device, any issues you were having with the audio playing or the synchronizing of photographs should be fixed. If you have finished all of the steps involved in editing your video, then and only then will this remedy be effective.

Tap any of the buttons on your smartphone as soon as you see the bug beginning to appear. After you do this, a notice will appear asking you to save the video on your device. Simply clicking on it will bring up the TikTok video in your gallery for you to look at.

Keep the app up to date.

Your TikTok app may have technical issues and delays if it has not been updated in a very long time. If you upgrade the program to the most recent version, you can resolve this issue immediately.

Uninstall And Reinstall TikTok Sync Photos on TikTok

Because some of the data saved inside the TikTok app may have been damaged, you could also find that you cannot utilize the Sync function of TikTok. In this kind of scenario, removing the software and then reinstalling it is best.

Please Report This Issue To The TikTok Support Team.

Getting in touch with the support staff is your last resort for resolving the problem with the sync functionality not functioning correctly.

You may let the support staff know about the problem, and they will attempt to solve it for you if you do so.


TikTok has been working on several modifications to creating videos on the platform. The goal of these upgrades is to reduce the reliance users have to place on third-party applications. Several popular trends on the site include “sounds,” which is another name for music. One of these has been spreading like wildfire for months now: users choose a certain number of movies from their camera roll and then let the software sync them automatically to a famous song and Sync Photos on TikTok.


Why is TikTok unable to sync a sound?

TikTok users who experience audio that is out of sync should cease using Bluetooth speakers and headphones, including AirPods and AirPod Pros until the issue is resolved. The Bluetooth technology may occasionally lack the bandwidth necessary to transport audio and video data adequately, which results in a delay in the transfer process. It is not unusual to have a delay of 100–300 milliseconds.

How Can I Fix The Out Of Sync Audio On TikTok?

You may try restarting the app if you have audio problems on TikTok that are out of sync with the video. It allows your computer to reload TikTok’s resources and eliminates any mistakes that may have been the cause of a delay in the music.

What Causes TikTok Videos to Lag?

TikTok videos may experience lag due to the app cache being bloated on the device. Therefore, you will need to delete the app’s cache and any data it may have stored.

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