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Error Code Van9003: If you are a player of Valorant, you may experience a Valorant TPM 2.0 problem – VAN9001 with Windows 11. This problem never seems to disappear, which must be quite frustrating. What are any solutions to the error code with the Windows 11 Valorant TPM? This article will demonstrate some helpful procedures for you to follow; let’s look at them right now.

Riot Games’ Valorant is a first-person shooter focused on strategy and five-on-five team battles. The game is divided into 13 rounds; throughout each round, you can assault and defend your side utilizing various weapons and skills. Because you only get one life every round, you need to be able to make decisions more quickly than your opponent.

Many other game types are available, such as competitive, unranked, deathmatch, and spike rush. You have a choice between several different agents, each of which has its own set of skills.

There won’t be any duplicates among the representatives, and no two highlight clips will look the same. Every map allows you to show off your intelligence since it was designed with teamwork, plays, and critical moments in mind.

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What is the VAN9003 Error Code ?

Error code VAN9003 suggests that your computer’s secure boot function has not been enabled, which may be confirmed by running the Secure Boot Wizard. The Secure Boot protocol and the Trusted Platform Module are examples of security technologies that aid Windows in safely and securely starting programs.

What is the VAN9003 error
Error code VAN9003

Microsoft developed Secure Boot, while Intel developed the Trusted Platform Module. These two qualities are required for Vanguard’s evaluation of a system to assess whether or not it can be relied on as a trustworthy resource. You will obtain error code VAN9003 if secure Boot or TPM is not enabled on your machine, prohibiting Valorant from starting up.

You can establish whether or not secure Boot is enabled by hitting the Windows button on your keyboard, then searching for msinfo32 > System Summary.

The UEFI boot mode must be selected as the BIOS Mode, and the “On” setting must be chosen for the Secure Boot State. If it is different, you will have to enable secure Boot by following the steps given in the following instructions. To do this, you must ensure you have the correct password.

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How Do I Fix The VAN9003 Error Code?

TPM 2.0 and secure Boot should both be enabled.

To play Valorant without encountering the Windows 11 Valorant TPM problem, you first need to make sure that TPM and Secure Boot are both enabled. The procedure may change from one computer to another and from one manufacturer to another. The following is a list of the steps that you should follow:

Step 1: Restart your Windows 11 PC and quickly click a key such as DEL or F2 to enter the BIOS menu.

Step 2: Ensure that the computer operates in advanced mode inside the BIOS.

Step 3: Search for the TPM. PTT is the name given to the TPM component found on an Intel CPU. When using AMD CPUs, the TPM is referred to as the TPM in the BIOS.

Step 4: After that, search for an option called Secure Boot under the Secure Boot menu, and then turn it on. You should change the Secure Boot option from custom to standard.

Step 5: After making the necessary adjustments, save the file and restart Windows 11 to access the desktop. After that, you won’t get any TPM errors while playing Valorant.

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Group Policy Editor should be edited.

Users have reported that there is an extra workaround for the Valorant VAN 9001 error number and that repair involves enabling the feature that says “Require additional authentication at Startup.” Examine the options available to you.

Error Code Van9003
Error Code Van9003

Step 1: Open this editor by typing Edit Group Policy into the Windows search box and clicking the result.

Step 2: Navigate to the Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates menu option.

Step 3: After selecting Windows Components from the drop-down menu, expand the BitLocker Drive Encryption section.

Step 4: After clicking Operating System Drives, go to the right side of the window and look for “Require extra authentication at startup.”

Step 5: Double-click this option, and then choose Enabled from the menu that appears in the pop-up window that appears. Check that the option labeled “Allow BitLocker without a suitable TPM” (which needs a password or a startup key stored on a USB flash drive) is selected and checked.

Step 6: To save the modification, click the Apply and OK buttons.

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How to Enable a Secure Boot for Valorant?

The TPM 2.0 and secure boot problem in Valorant may be easily fixed by going into the BIOS settings of the system and activating two features there. This is the simplest method for fixing the error.

These functions are usually already activated on every device when you first boot it up. On the other hand, if the odd event that they are disabled from the very beginning, the following is a list of the procedures that players need to complete to activate them:

Step 1: Players must restart their PC or laptop. When the device powers back on, they will need to hold down the BIOS button the whole time it runs.

Although this varies from device to device, the buttons often included are F2, F10, and F12. They will be led to the screen where they may configure the BIOS on their device if everything is done successfully.

Step 2: Once the player has entered the BIOS configuration screen, they will need to browse to the “Boot Configuration” menu option. This, too, varies from system to system, but the differences between them shouldn’t be too great. They will need to go to the “Boot Configuration” menu, find the “Secure Boot” option, and then switch it on.

Step 3: Now that that is out of the way, gamers need to go to the “Security” page to continue. You may activate Trusted Platform Module by selecting this tab, which has the corresponding option.

This option is called Intel Trusted Platform Module Technology or TPM Device when it is available for Intel chipsets. It is labeled as AMD TPM Configuration when shown on AMD devices. After then, it will be necessary for them to enable this as well.

Step 4: After both of these features have been activated, gamers need to restart their computers before attempting to open Valorant. The game ought should function normally at this point.

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From reading this text, you know how to fix the Valorant Error Code Van9003. If you are troubled by this problem, you should immediately give these methods a go to get rid of the problem.

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